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Engine Analyzer Pro 3.9

Simulates and analyzes engine build-up for hardware development
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Update or optimize engineering projects for developing engined of different types by running a simulation of a selected engine working and observing the build-up or reaction to modification of construction or environment. Multiple combinations of cams, Heads, intakes, superchargers and other elements are available.

Building engines is an expensive business and often entails major and important calculations as well as the trial and error hours of discovering the correct components or parts to use to bring your completed engine to its optimum performance. The computer program, Engine Analyzer Pro 3.5 has been developed specifically with professional stock or race engine creators in mind and it provides detailed instrumentation to help you to investigate the effects of cylinder pressure, cam profiles and valve flow interaction, train weights, piston rod lengths, thrusts, velocity, torque and HP throughout the detailed calculations you can make.

Version 3.5 still provides a user friendly, detailed display interface but provides many improvements. You can now omit results if the idle vacuum is not high enough when working out your chain calculations. The program also provides a new feature that allows you to input figures to define the highest flow the turbo compressor can flow. By auto-linking to the fuel economy calculator, Engine Analyzer Pro lets you send power curves to both fuel economy and trans gear plus calculators, a feature previously unavailable in earlier versions. Also new to the program is an email settings option that you will discover in the Preferences menu, where you can select printing options if you want to email your results as a PDF file, or email graphs as .bmp files. Engine files can also be emailed from the main screen.

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